Preschool kids visit to the firestation

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Guest post by Tina Maher

Another child, another visit to the Fire Station.

I had the pleasure in walking with the Bellingen Pre School kids and their carers to visit the local Fire Station. As it turned out it was a beautiful day, not a cloud in site.

Calling 000

We arrived and were greeted by the friendly firemen who showed us around. We started in the garage where they park the truck then moved to where they store all their clothes. We got to see how they get themselves prepared for when there is a fire, and who is in charge. The kids got to ask a few questions and got to see the lead they have for their pet Tiger.

In the conference room there where a load of trophies that the team had won over the years, even an old shoe that was given to them by someone they had saved. The kids though that that was a funny thing to have in their cabinet.

Outside we got a tour around the truck and the siren went off. A few hands over the ears for that one! The men then pulled out a few things to show the kids how it all works. Ladders, hoses, brooms, buckets you name it, they have it.

Stop, Drop and Roll was done by all the kids with enthusiasm, followed by Get down Low and Go, Go, Go! They all practiced ringing 000, and what a fantastic job done by all.

Now, what they all have been waiting for. The fire hose. All got to have a go, with the help of one of the Firemen.

At last a go on the firehose

After the visit, the kids received their Fire Fighting Certificate. Now they all know Fire Fighters are their friends, know how to get down low and go,go,go, and know how to dial triple zero in an emergency.

Over the years I have attended countless visits to the Fire Station. And I’m sure there are still more to come. The guys do a great job of teaching both us, and the kids on being fire safe.

Thanks guys.