Bellingen Preschool celebrates UNICEF Day for Change

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UNICEF Day for Change is celebrated by schools around Australia each year on Universal Children’s Day in October. It is a day where students organise fun events and activities to raise funds for UNICEF education projects around the world, and help vulnerable children receive their right to go to school.

In 2011, all funds raised will go towards supporting UNICEF’s work to provide water, sanitation and hygiene in schools in Timor-Leste. Over 60 per cent of schools in Timor Leste don’t have enough toilets for children and staff to use while they attend school each day. Providing these basic sanitation facilities and access to clean water is essentual in getting children in school, and helping them stay there

At Bellingen Preschool we also made flags, played games and the children helped make fried rice to make the day special. All funds raised by the day will go to schools in East Timor.

Making flags - UNICEF Day

Making fried rice


Sack races

Helping kids in East Timor